2012 Floriade


      don't you worry


      I can't believe



2010 Valkenswaard MTV




      Me and Julio


      Love Me Like a Rock


      Do You Wanna Know


      Blue Champagne


      In the Dark


      I Could Write a Book




      four brothers


      Killer Joe


      The Duke


      Smack Dab






      Mellow Tone


      To Dare the Moon


      Route 66


      Still Crazy


      Trickle Trickle


      How High the Moon


      Study in Brown


      Boys from NYC_1




      Hotter Than That


2006 CD












      Me and Julio


1997 30 jaar CD






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      1991 In the dark


      1991don't you


1989 audio ?


      1989 1 Oh Johnny


      1989 Trickle trickle


      1989 Suzie's bar


      1989 Nice work if you can get it


      1989 madison square


      1989 Little pony stukje


      1989 Jada


      1989 in the dark


      1989 Happying


      1989 Get on board


      1989 Four Brothers


      1989 Five foot two


1987 Cassette






























1982 Mierlo 15 jarig bestaan


      1982-10-09 banging steamheat


      1982-10-09 birdland


      1982-10-09 Charlie Grant


      1982-10-09 curry cumb boogie woogie


      1982-10-09 elvira


      1982-10-09 java jive


      1982-10-09 pretty litle angel eyes


      1982-10-09 shaky flat blues


      1982-10-09 Tuxedo Junction


1981 speelhuis


      1981-11-01 Trickle trickle


      1981-11-01 Get on board


      1981-11-01 birdland